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About Space Flight Attendants Certification Training



ASTRAX IMAGINE is a company that recruits and trains Space Flight Attendants, and provides support services along with customers flying on the spacecraft of each company.


We prioritize hospitality towards our customers to provide best service.  



Yuko Kirihara

Yuko Kirihara served 22 years as flight attendant at ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.).  She was involved in both international and domestic flights as a chief purser, operations duties, and training juniors. In addition, she also worked as an instructor for human resource development twice, a total of seven years.  During her instructor period, she was appointed to attend the Imperial Family of Japan as well as engaging in lecture activities.  After resigning from ANA, well versed in human resource development from her experience focusing on education during the airline era, she was involved in planning and creating textbooks for airline schools at ANA associate company. Yuko’s motto is “always be grateful and live her life with her people in a humble attitude.”

“I have been interested in space travel since I was a child.  In my dream, I would go traveling via a spaceship every day and dream of going to space. After retiring from an airline CA, I am currently working on fostering an attendant on a spacecraft and endeavoring my dream from childhood. Would you like to take a chance with us to be on a spaceship which is a quite unique experience different from an aircraft? “

Chieko Takahashi

Chieko Takahashi served as a CA for 23 years at ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) with16 years of experience as an international chief parser. She was responsible for human resource development through educational training and team management. Her responsibilities included serving for top V.I.P (the Emperor of Japan, Crown Prince, top political leaders, etc.)  During her career at the airline company, she fully demonstrated her abilities as a flight expert.  After resigning, she relocated to New York for three years. Currently, she belongs to the one of Japan’s railway groups’ human resources department, and as a CS manager she is responsible for planning, inspection and training of measures aimed at human resource development including CS and ES improvement.  

Based on the idea that “the unique attractiveness of each one leads to the brilliance of the organization and society”, she is focusing on creating a system to find one’s own strengths. Chieko is committed to education that enriches the mind through improving manners and communication skills.

“The era of private space travel has begun. The longing for space everyone once had is no longer a dream. With the aim of creating Space Flight Attendant, a career that supports an unknown and inspiring experience, our dream is expanding.  Would you like to embark on to another space as a work? It is going to be unique and an inspiring experience”




Our corporate philosophy is “World Peace”.
As we start our business, we first envisioned deeply about the significance of embarking on a new space business.

Expanding the area of ​​activity into space makes it possible to capture true human values ​​from a perspective that literally gives a god’s-eye view of the entire globe, transcending barriers such as country, race, culture, and religion.

We have created our corporate philosophy with reference to some of their actual voices about what kind of mission many astronauts who went to space in the past felt when they went to space and saw the beautiful earth.



Our corporate mission is to “contribute to world peace.“

When NASA astronauts stayed on the ISS and looked at the Earth, they said they first searched for their own country. However, many astronauts said that after a few days they searched for the continent they lived in, and a few more days later they began to think that the entire planet was their home.

The astronauts added that when they return to their home Earth, everything, such as feelings of fresh air, rich green nature, water and soil that they have taken for granted is truly amazing and nothing should be taken for granted. They realized that we have been given so much and Earth itself and everything on the Earth is a world heritage site and we must appreciate them. In other words, “knowing the Earth by knowing the universe”, that leads to a “strong desire for global peace.“

We as humans have a brain structure that tends to forget what we hear but never what we physically experience. If more human beings could experience seeing the earth from space, it quickly opens a way to “world peace, earth peace.“



Our vision is to “Train SFA[Space Flight Attendant]with a universal mind and create the world’s first profession that has dreams.“

Our SFA is a person who can think with a universal perspective that is not close-minded, and is a person who can perceive global peace like an astronaut.

With the support of SFA, the number of space travelers who want to take on the chance and challenge may increase. As a result, the number of people who sincerely believe in the necessity of creating a peaceful world would increase, and that would lead to global peace.

Creating a new occupation called Space Flight Attendants, SFA, who could share such great experiences and moments of passengers’ life, would be an extremely valuable and respected profession that does not exist yet in the world.

It is our strong desire to develop the new dreamable and challenging career, who delivers excellent Japanese hospitality and meets the ever-diversifying needs of customers and contributes to world peace.



Our core values are Challenges and Gratitude.

We would always find a way through the darkness and take us to the stars. We always enjoy challenges and have innovative spirits. We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve. We are empowered to tackle challenges in exciting and innovative ways and focus on impact.

Gratitude is at the center of everything that we do. Feeling of gratitude fills the family of our employees and customers’ hearts and souls. Gratitude is a way of life, and we strive to practice it every moment in all aspects of our work and lives.

When the astronauts who had returned from the pitch-black space felt the wind on the earth, smelled the scent of flowers, and touched the lawn with their bare feet, they realized that everything was miraculous. There is nothing that is usual or normal, but everything is so special and unusual.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. When we realize how much we have already, how much we have been given, we begin to sincerely appreciate every single thing, even for a tiny little thing, even for things that we normally do not appreciate. Regardless of your circumstances, living in deep joy leaves you fulfilled and satisfied, always with something to give others. But it comes only from your pure heart.

We would maintain that feeling of gratitude in the highest form of thought. We believe that gratitude brings lots of unexpected joys. We trust that the practice of gratitude is our most important contribution to world peace and something to live by.

Based on the above corporate philosophy, we plan to run our businesses, training, SFA recruitment, and customer acquisition, and build an organizational structure.


About Space Flight Attendants Certification Training

You will learn and practice the general knowledge of space, space flight and related services, and the knowledge required for team building.

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